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All-in-one Command Center for DeFi

Track your historical portfolio value, access advanced data insights, and invest in DeFi protocols - all from a single place.

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Uncover your potential with Q    Uncover your potential with Q    Uncover your potential with Q    Uncover your potential with Q
Why Q

Track your portfolio
over time

Tracking portfolio value balance is good but tracking historical portfolio value is so much better! Q provides you with insights on your portfolio performance starting from the day you made your first transaction on chain.
Why Q

Discover juicy yield sources with advanced data

Finding the best APRs across chains is tedious. With Q you get access to thousands of DeFi pools making it so much easier to compare and find the best ones to fit your investment strategy.
Why Q

Manage positions across chains and
with ease

Far more than a dashboard, Q builds infrastructure to make managing multiple wallets across chains easy and intuitive. Uncover new opportunities and grow your portfolio values from a single place.
Who we are

Our Team

Tyler Ward
Co-Founder, CEO
Tyler Ward
Troy Murray
Co-Founder, CSO
Troy Murray
Christian Crowley
Co-Founder, COO
Christian Crowley
Stuart Hunter
Co-Founder, CTO
Stuart Hunter
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